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Buzzcut, G1 style

It’s not often that we land-lubbers at Sugar Pine get to talk about the airplane, but today we got a great view of it as they flew over us at low altitude.  The aircraft team did an extended spiral over our ground site… must have been 6 or 8 circles in all, with a couple of passes straight through the middle over our sampling setup (one of which gave us a pretty ‘intimate’ view of the underbelly of the plane!).  I took lots of video, and I’m hoping I can get it edited and put together so I can post here in the near future.

PNNL-G1 over Sugar Pine
The DOE/PNNL G-1 research aircraft flying a spiral over Sugar Pine Dam on March 5. The spiral path covered a large vertical profile with the ground site in the center.
View of Sugar Pine Dam
Sugar Pine Dam as seen from the DOE/PNNL G-1 aircraft on March 5

It seems nearly surreal that the study is nearly over… we have about 1.5 days of sampling left before we pack the trailer and head back to San Diego.  The last research flights will be tomorrow (Sunday)!!  I can speak for those of us at the ground site and say that this is the most adventurous and fun study we’ve done, albeit difficult on the body, dealing with such deep snow and moving equipment in and out of the site (the picture of us moving a pump a few posts back was only the tip of the iceberg!).  I think this is the first time the Prather Lab has dealt with snowmobiles, snowshoes, lots of shoveling, walking in snow up to the thighs, and a backhoe to tow us out of the field site.  This is most definitely what I signed up for when I joined the lab 20 months ago!!