CalWater: Day 11–The clouds have ARRIVED!!!

Hard to believe that 11 days can pass with no clouds along the northern CA coast or even fog in the Central Valley.  Through this experience, I am come to appreciate those who watch the weather–it is fascinating, albeit incredibly stressful.  It is truly a humbling experience and a big lesson that one should not stress over something over which they have zero control. We tried rain dances, boiling chicken parts, everything, and simply nothing worked.  The ridge is just weakening now.  I awake every morning and the first thing I click (before email even) is Patrick Minnis’s web site for CalWater with satellite data showing our region of interest….Every time I look, the clouds are just out of reach of our flight plans.   This morning I became so excited when I saw clouds actually touching the CA coast in the north within our reach!!  The only problem is we scheduled a down day today (no flights) because forecasts said they wouldn’t be here yet.  There’s always tomorrow…


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